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Leadership Development
Leadership and management development training programmes are designed around real workplace problems. We start by ensuring a effective leadership development strategy is in place and then maps out the competences and behaviours required for successful leader in your organisation. Our leadership development work falls into three main areas:

  • Assessment;
  • Coaching;
  • Mentoring; and
  • Training

We typically assess leaders through leadership development centres, individual diagnostic interview, 360 degree feedback, psychometric tests and job performance reports to establish what their leadership development needs are.

The next stage is to design and deliver a range of developmental activities for leaders in the organisation to develop the capabilities that the organisation needs. We provide training programmes to support development.

Training courses focus on

  • Management training for middle managers; and
  • Leadership development training for senior leaders

Delivery often involves managers taking forward strategic work based projects which develop management and strategic leadership skills.

Training and development consultancy in this area typically involves refining the vision for the future organisation. From this base we work with individuals to help them engage with the vision for the new organisation. We build the necessary capabilities so that leaders can effectively perform in their new roles. We help leaders to think about the future transition they want to make, what could derail them, we coach managers through the process.

Team Development
The creation of high performing teams that achieve superior business outcomes is a central element of our work. We will work in partnership with you to diagnose and improve team performance.

Following the assessment of team functioning we are able to design and deliver training to help create high performing teams. This often involves working with teams to ensure that they have clear an agreed strategic plan. We work with teams to identify why they fail to deliver against their objectives and the role that working relationships within the team has on performance.

Organisational Development
Organisational change is vital to the success of any organisation. Our approach to organisational development is to develop the structures and systems in your organisation. We deliver change programmes using PRINCE2 and Managing Successful Programmes methodologies.

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