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Our psychologists and counsellors can be a tremendous help in treating a range of mental health problems such as:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Borderline personality disorder

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

  • Drug misuse

  • Eating disorders

  • Addictions

  • Work place stress

Diversity Specialists

We specialise in the following: counselling individuals suffering from work place stress, redundancy counselling, career counselling, trauma including road traffic accidents, personal injuries, bereavement, sexual abuse, assault, anxiety, obsessive or repetitive behaviours, phobias, anger management, self-harm, low self esteem, immigration, bullying, harassment, relationship counselling, separation, divorce, child hood issues, adoption, individuals suffering from autism and ADHD.We have particular expertise in counselling people with a range of protected characteristics such the disabled, Black and Ethnic Minorities, women and people from LGBTQ communities.


Top psychologists deliver employee counselling and employee assistance programmes. We work with organisations assess the risk of work place stress, to reduce that stress and improve attendance by absence management programmes. We also carry out organisational well-being assessments. We are a diverse team of that includes Black psychologists and disabled psychologists who have extensive background in working with culturally diverse populations. Our emphasis is on goal-directed cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) psychotherapy and conducting psychology assessments. For clients interested in pursuing therapy the initial visit is a diagnostic evaluation session. We work with solicitors to advise on what support is necessary following trauma.


Local Counselling 24/7


Our counsellors and chartered psychologists also provide on-line counselling via Skype, telephone counselling and email counselling for clients based in the USA and UK. Our service is open seven days per week, and is a national service. We provide local counselling fast throughout the UK. We have regular clinics in London, Nottingham, Birmingham and Manchester we aim to match with you with an individual therapist at other locations within 14 days. You can be sure that there is always someone on hand to meet your needs.

We accept all major health insurance policies and credit card payments.

Assessment of Disability and Occupational Health Psychology Advice

We offer a wide arrange of services, which focus on the psychiatric and psychological aspects of health and safety at work to reduce sickness absence. We can provide one off assistance before the employee starts work by carrying out the necessary pre-employment occupational health assessments. Occupational health psychologists will also review management referrals to occupational health advisors, we act as expert witnesses in employment tribunal and personal injury cases involving capability, disability discrimination and mental health at work, you will have access to top experts fast.

Counselling for Performance Concerns at Work

You will have access to top experts fast to assess and diagnose performance problems at work. We deal with cases where concerns are raised about the performance and capability of a range of professionals. We improve performance by working with teams to sustain effective working relationships and we are often called on when all else has failed, we use a range of methods such as team facilitation, mediation and coaching. After an initial telephone consultation with the referrer we (a) agree the terms of reference (b) carry out psychometric testing, (c) invite the individual for a diagnostic interview and feedback (d) provide a full assessment report for the individual and referrer with practical recommendations, (e) provide post-assessment advice and guidance (f) carry out behavioural coaching where required. Our expertise in human factors is used to reduce stress at work and design productive healthily workplaces, we will reduce your costs. Our offer is an effective and comprehensive service for employers to reduce costs by significantly reducing sickness absence. We pride ourselves on doing this while still supporting the wellbeing needs of your employees. Our ambition is to work with you to ensure you minimise the chance that your company breaches employment legislation. Our occupational psychologist's approach to corporate health is to use it as a process to help to motivate employees and to keep your business running smoothly. We can manage your corporate wellness programmes, we will ensure health and safety procedures are checked regularly. We can monitor your corporate health, provide support, produce management reports on well-being and deliver training. Outside of office hours you can contact our emergency help line on 07071 200344 for immediate assistance.

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