Business and Occupational Psychologists

"Our business psychologists provide consultancy to improve business profitability and performance. Business psychologists apply techniques from clinical, forensic educational, consumer, sports and fashion psychology to drive business success."

Workplace Mental Health Consultancy:

Business psychologists advise on mental health in the workplace. Like clinical psychologists, occupational psychologists can advise on whether someone has a mental illness, they treat some mental illnesses, and decide whether any reasonable adjustments are required. Business psychologists work with organisations to design strategies to reduce workplace stress and design safe work environments, thus reducing personal injury claims.

Research Consultancy:

Business psychologists can help business by researching consumer behaviour and determining what factors lead to increased sales and improved customer confidence. An allied field is the area of fashion psychology where we might advise on wearing particular clothes.

Selection and Assessment Consultancy:

Business psychologists design efficient selection processes which help organisations identify which candidates will be the high performers, thus saving organisations significant sums of money by avoiding poor selection decisions. Business psychologists have access to an array of standardised psychometric tests to help businesses predict performance.

Succession Planning Consultancy:

Business psychologists work with businesses to save money by reducing staff turnover and to develop strategies to retain the best employees.

Leadership Development Consultancy:

Occupational and business psychologists help develop leader’s abilities to lead teams effectively. Business psychologist can help leaders to maximise the profitability and performance of their organisations and minimise losses.

Performance Management Consultancy:

Business psychologists work with companies to design and implement efficient performance assessment processes. They might use techniques from sports psychology to create a performance culture.

Psychometric Testing Consultancy:

Our business psychologists have access to a vast range of psychological tests that can help organisations with a range of applications beyond assessing whether candidates have the intellectual ability and personality to succeed. We can help reduce the risk of white collar crime by applying our knowledge of forensic psychology to employee profiles. Our occupational psychologists identify employees who will need additional emotional support or reasonable adjustments at work. Our business psychologists help businesses to develop inclusive neuro-diverse workplaces that capitalise on the skills brought by those with dyslexia, dyspraxia, and ADHD.

Learning and Development Consultancy:

Business psychologists identify the areas where learning and development will improve profitability or reduce costs. Using our knowledge of educational psychology, we determine how to best design and deliver the learning. We evaluate the impact that learning, and development has had on the performance of organisations.

Coaching Consultancy:

Our business psychologists have practical experience of running successful businesses, as such, they can coach business leaders from all business functions. Managers receive feedback based on their results of various personality instruments such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Hogan Development Survey. Our business psychologists can also coach on the application of psychology to several critical business functions, including finance, marketing, law and IT. We also coach those who are out of work through job search workshops, interview skills training and preparation for assessment centres.

Organisational Development Consultancy:

Our occupational psychologist's focus is on managing successful organisational change through organisational design, and the development of systems to help the business achieve change. Our expertise helps organisations to improve their capability to achieve their ambitions.

Culture Change Consultancy:

As business psychologists, we understand why culture is one of the critical elements of being a successful organisation. Our business psychologists are change specialists who work with organisations to ensure that staff develop the right values and attitudes to improve performance and drive up customer satisfaction.

Employee Engagement Consultancy:

By ensuring employees are engaged they will be more motivated and more productive. Our business psychologists bring psychometric tests, design surveys, and techniques to identify the reasons for poor employee engagement thus improving retention of top talent and reducing healthcare costs.

Health and Safety Consultancy:

Business psychologists improve performance by creating a psychologically safe work environment. Our occupational psychologists improve organisational practices for psychological safety by ensuring staff treat each other as humans, speak to others as collaborators, are more receptive to feedback and avoid a blame culture. We measure the impact of improvements in employee safety and improve health and safety at work.

Equality and Diversity Consultancy:

As business psychologists, we understand the business case for equality, diversity and inclusion, and will work with businesses to reap the benefits of developing diverse teams. Our psychologists help organisations achieve the benefits of equality and diversity including better decision making, improved productivity, reducing the costs of litigation, turnover, improving the organisation's reputation and being able to recruit the best talent.

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