Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching or Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching is sometimes called executive coaching. Executive coaching is a learning partnership which involves the individual leader who is developed, the organisation who sponsors the leader and the executive coach delivering the service. Our executive coaching programmes support entrepreneurs, chief executives, directors, senior managers, middle managers, first-line managers, and team leaders. The Executive Coaching Handbook defines executive coaching as:

“….an experimental and individualised leader development process that bills a leader’s capability to achieve short and long-term organisational goals. It is conducted through one-on-one and/or group interactions, given by data from multiple perspectives, and based on mutual trust and respect. The organisation, and executive, and the executive coach will work in partnership to achieve maximum impact.”

What to Expect from Our Leadership Coaching Programmes

In our executive coaching programmes, the goals for executive coaching are agreed at the start of the coaching relationship. Our executive coaches work with senior leaders to facilitate the leader’s ability to solve problems by asking the leader focused questions.


Our coaches work with high potential employees and employees who require additional assistance to meet their work objectives. Our executive coaches often work with individuals who have recently been promoted to new roles or who are transitioning.

The coaching process that our executive coaches deliver starts with an intake phase; there is then an assessment of the leader before goals are identified. The next stage in the process is development planning, and during this process, a development plan is formulated. There are ongoing reviews with the senior executive’s manager. The coaching process is finalised when the development objectives are achieved. The work that our executive coaches do is totally private and confidential.

Our approach to executive coaching is to ensure that the strategies that are developed are tailor-made to the organisation and the individual who is being coached.

Our coaching psychologists use a range of approaches to coaching such as the grow model, positive psychology; solution focused brief therapy and person-centred counselling.

Most of our coaches complete the coaching process within a period of 12 months. However, there is flexibility for individuals to complete the coaching programme earlier or take longer than 12 months to complete it.

Why do People Use Executive Coaching?

Most organisations use leadership coaching to address two main issues:

  1. Solution Focused Coaching: to support organisations and individuals work through problems challenges and risks; and

  2. Developmental Coaching: to accelerate individual development and learning.

Solution Focused Coaching

Solutions focused coaching, as the name suggests concentrates on the executive coach working in partnership with the individual to find solutions and develop strategies to address difficulties based on the executive’s strengths. It avoids concentrating on weaknesses and uses a strength-based approach to overcome challenges, which might cause stress, and anxiety and so negatively impact on the executive’s performance and chances for career progression. This approach can often be used to resolve conflicts within teams or in organisations.


Executive Leadership Coaching

Organisations often use executive coaches as part of a broader talent management strategy to ensure that high potential employees are developed. It can also be used to support senior managers who are responsible for leading radical and far-reaching change programmes.

At an individual level, our coaching psychologists, frequently use executive coaching to help new leaders or business owners settle into and perform effectively in a new role.

What Are the Benefits of Executive Coaching?

What are the benefits of executive coaching for your senior managers and your organisation?

We see executive coaching as a form of organisational learning. Executive coaching is used for the development of both high potential employees and for supporting individuals who might be underperforming


Top 9 Benefits of Executive Coaching

  1. Greater Self-awareness: We will carry out a comprehensive review of your relevant competencies, learning style, leadership style and psychological profile, to improve your self-awareness. This process provides you with greater insight into your strengths and areas for development.
  2. Increase Insight into the People You Manage: Executive coaching also helps you to understand other people within your team. Through this understanding, we help employers retain the best talent and identify poor performers who need to move on to other organisations quickly. As coaching psychologists, we use a range of techniques to provide you with insight into yourself and others that you manage.
  3. Develop Your Leadership Skills: Leadership development is at the core of our executive coaching programme, and our executive coaching psychologists will help leaders to lead more effectively by helping them to create a vision for their team and engage their employees effectively.
  4. Make Effective Use of Your Current Skills: Our executive coaches work with leaders to help them better understand the skills that they possess and how these can be applied to help their organisations. Individuals who have participated in coaching are more productive at work. Managers who had been coached were more effective in achieving their goals.
  5. Build High Performing Teams: Our leadership coaches help managers improve their ability to develop super teams. Effective coaching can improve how managers interact with their teams by providing leaders with the right tools to ensure excellent working relationships.
  6. Help Leaders Identify and Capitalise on Their Strengths: Our executive coaches will help you identify the strengths that you have through ongoing support and objective assessment. We will help you make the most of those strengths and learn how to use them for the benefit of your team.
  7. Help Leaders Build Effective Work Relationships: Our executive coaches will work with leaders to enhance their ability to build and sustain effective working relationships across diverse work teams. Our coaches will work with leaders to identify and overcome limiting assumptions that may be made about some groups within the workplace and use this enlightened view to drive up workforce engagement.
  8. Help You Achieve Your Objectives: Our executive coaching psychologists will work with you to help you clarify what your future goals are and how to achieve these. Our executive coaches will provide you with an accurate assessment of the steps that you need to take to achieve your objectives. We will identify innovative ways of thinking.
  9. Improve Well-Being and Reduce Stress: Leaders who participate in our executive coaching programmes show higher levels of well-being, less stress and depression, and high levels of resilience than leaders who did not receive coaching.


How Do We Deliver Executive Coaching?

Our executive coaching psychologists provide face-to-face coaching and coaching by phone, Skype or Zoom.

Our executive coaches pride themselves on their ability to create productive client-coach working relationships between themselves and the leaders they coach.

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