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Equality, Diversity & Human Rights

Equality and Diversity Training
Our occupational psychologists' approach to diversity and inclusion is founded upon years over 50 years experience of successfully bringing about fundamental change and reducing unconscious bias across a range of industry sectors. Our industrial and organisational psychologists and HR consultants work in partnership with clients to develop ideas for equality and diversity training materials that have a genuine impact. We offer formal qualification programmes that are accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. As business psychologists we know the reasons why organisations are not naturally diverse and inclusive, we also know how to address those barriers we reduce your costs, we improve profitability and we improve performance by equality and diversity training.
Our local diversity experts provide a range of flexible and cost effective services including:

  • Equality and diversity training materials
  • Equality impact assessments
  • Equality and diversity strategies
  • Communication strategies to promote diversity
  • Benchmarking and audits
  • Diversity development centres
  • Diversity career development programmes
  • Service delivery audits
  • Diversity coaching
  • Diversity training and workshops
  • Community engagement programmes
  • Equality and diversity policy reviews
  • Diversity investigations
We take organisations beyond the legal arguments for diversity to understanding how employment diversity adds value to the organisation. You will have access to top experts fast, we provide a high quality service and have particular expertise in working with doctors, law firms and the social care sector. A wider range of specialist equality and diversity services are available from our sister company, click here to find out more Sankofa Exchange Limited or call tel: +44 (0) 115 9110111

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