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TUPE Transfers
Our HR consulting practice has over 50 years experience of providing excellent employment law advice. Our local HR consultants have particular expertise in managing TUPE transfers as result of mergers and transfers of contracts across businesses in most circumstances require that the employees concerned are transferred to the new business on their current terms and conditions. There are some circumstances where these TUPE transfer rules do not apply, our approach is to work with organisational to help them understand whether TUPE will apply. If it does apply we will improve performance, our local HR consultants will work with you to ensure you meet all your legal requirements thus reducing your exposure to risk and reducing your costs during the process by managing the TUPE transfer in accordance with the TUPE timelines. You will have access to top experts fast.

Discrimination Law
A core area of our expertise is advising on discrimination in the workplace. Our discrimination law experts work on cases of age discrimination, race discrimination, sex discrimination, disability discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, and religious discrimination. Our discrimination law experts advise on the Equality Act 2010, carry out internal investigations and support clients up to employment tribunal and beyond. In selected cases we may act on a no win no fee basis. Expert psychological reports are available from our sister company, Advanced Assessments Ltd (http://www.advancedassessments.co.uk tel +44 (0) 208 2000078) in cases where there is a dispute about the disability or where extent of personal injury or the amount of financial loss is unclear. We accept all major credit cards, major insurance policies and referrals from trade unisons, we provide out of hours legal advice 24/7 on +44 7071 200344.

Unfair Dismissal Advice
We assist clients with unfair dismissal claims at the end of performance management and sickness absence management processes. We have also assisted clients with unfair dismissal and contractive dismissal claims at the end of disciplinary investigations or following TUPE transfers. Linked to many disciplinary and grievance cases that we advise on are whistle blowing claims. Our HR consultancy services provide local discrimination law experts who help employers and employees prepare their cases, assisting you during the internal process and if necessary providing representation at employment tribunal by top solicitors and barristers that we have strategic partnerships with (thus reducing your costs and increasing your chances of success). We offer a flexible and cost effective service.

Equal Pay
As organisations grow the, pay, terms and conditions of employment evolve. Pay differences sometimes appear as a consequence of this process. These can be compounded by methods of reward which result in pay disparity between particular protected groups. Our experience in job evaluation is of significant benefit when advising clients on equal pay claims. If you need a review your internal pay systems, an equal pay audit or assistance in preparing an employment tribunal claim we can help.

Working Time
With many changes to working pattens needed by organisations to meet customer needs there has been a rise in working time claims. We provide advice and support for clients defending or bringing working time claims this can include preparing the claim for you taking statements and collecting evidence. We will also review the policy and procedures that your organisation has for flexible working and ensure that they meet your operational business needs at the same time as complying with the law and best practice.

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